Such Things Happen

Such Things HappenTall and wild-haired, seventeen year old Eddie Dehlmer struggles for social acceptance and her own father's approval against the backdrop of a small, north Texas town of the post WWII era.

When Eddie's Jewish heritage becomes common knowledge, a disgruntled bigot incites the local KKK to carry out an act of life threatening violence against her.

In the midst of it all, Eddie finds help from a most unlikely source, the elderly Mr. Charlie. Suspected by some of the local population as being on the verge of senility, Mr. Charlie proves to be anything but in this powerful story of the selfless courage and endurance of the human spirit.

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Beyond the Blue or The Fire Flower

Fire FlowerForced to flee the ravages of planetary war and pounded by a violent cosmic storm, the blue-skinned DeLazuli family is forced to land their battered vessel in the sparsely populated, rural area of 1980's northern Mississippi.

Local high-school student, Jo Swenson's rescue of the family's youngest member sets them all on a journey of discovery. This journey is filled with humor, compassion, and even romance; it is a journey from which there is no turning back.

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The Reluctant Princess

Reluctant PrincessAbandoned by her ruthless father, Viduar, Princes Morah must seek refuge in the enemy camp as war spreads like wildfire across her tiny home world of Valen-Horth.

Aided by a mysterious holy-man named "Phalin Darh" and her unique abilities, she struggles to adjust to a civilization advanced centuries beyond her own.

An ancient prophecy weaves its tapestry through the threads of Morah's encounters with friend and foe alike and brings her to that place of peace and understanding where she is a reluctant princess no more.

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